Vicky Burke

Vicky Burke

My name is Vicky, and I have a keen interest in how holistic therapies – that treat the whole person and the cause of an illness, rather than just the symptoms – can be very effective in promoting good health and wellbeing. Treating the whole person means considering all the elements that make us who we are, including our thoughts, emotions, relationships, environment etc – both from the past and the present.

Reiki has been of huge benefit to me over the years in reducing:

  • stress and anxiety
  • frequency of migraines
  • endometriosis pain

It is my own personal journey with reiki that led me to become a professional practitioner. I love helping others discover the amazing power of this form of healing and experience the benefits that it brings. My reiki journey has certainly helped me to feel better and I love helping my clients to do the same.

As well as giving treatments at Poundbury Reiki, I also:

  • Give reiki treatments in the community at well-being events, and yoga retreats.
    Support companies with their employee health offering by giving reiki in the workplace.
  • Offer distance reiki to international and UK-based clients who can’t get to Poundbury.

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