Classic Foot and Hand

Are you under pressure at home or work?

Can you spare a little time just for you to relieve that pressure and the tension that comes with it?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that areas of your body, including glands and organs, are linked to specific areas of your feet, lower legs, and hands known as reflexes. As professional reflexologists, applying pressure to these reflexes can help promote relaxation, improve mood, release tension, enhance sleep, and help the body reach its natural balance.

Every person is, of course, different, and some people benefit in other ways as well – why not try it?

In addition to classic reflexology, we draw on other techniques to further enhance the benefits of the treatment; tailored to your needs.

Every treatment will be different but still cover all the reflexes. We are guided by what you need and what the feet or hands tell us. We may, therefore, return to a reflex later on in the treatment, using the same technique or a different one. All that said – we do not diagnose, treat specific conditions or prescribe.

The treatments and their effect are about your body being the best it can be.

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