Ayurveda, Massage & Reflexology

Mindful Moments Massage

Whether you have a specific muscular complaint, or simply looking for a way to reduce the stress of day-to-day life, massage is guaranteed to nourish and restore. I work intuitively, using various Swedish massage techniques, adapting pressure and pace to suit your individual requirements.

Nourish & Restore

This is a top-to-toe treat. The 60-minute Mindful Moments Full Body Massage and a 25 minute holistic organic facial have joined forces to restore energy and nourish the senses.

Back to Balance

An exquisitely nurturing treatment focusing on the areas that store the most tension – the back, feet, scalp, and face. It begins with a luxurious sugar scrub and tension-relieving massage on the back. Followed by a deeply nourishing organic facial and a calming scalp + foot massage. You’ll leave feeling restored, refreshed, and rebalanced.

Soothe & Nurture Facial

This therapeutic facial is guaranteed to soothe the senses and nurture the skin back to balance. Beautiful award-winning Made for Life products are used to nourish and hydrate the skin, they combine dermatological science with the strength and purity of botanicals. This also includes a scalp, arm, and hand massage.

Hand On Heart Ritual

This sensory upper back, face, and scalp treatment will send you into a state of bliss. Beginning with the upper back, slow rhythmic Tui Na movements induce a deep state of relaxation, akin to a period of meditation. This follows with a soothing facial using award-winning Made for Life Organics and stress relieving scalp massage.

Cancer Touch Therapy

I am very proud to be able to support clients at all stages throughout their cancer journey and beyond. The effects of these gentle massage techniques allow the mind to disconnect from daily stress and anxiety; the heart rate softens and slows, the breath calms and deepens, and nerves are gently soothed. This therapy is suitable for people with conditions such as Post-COVID Syndrome (long COVID), Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and those suffering from stress, anxiety, and Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Shiro + Pada Abhyanga

This grounding and balancing treatment involves specific Ayurvedic massage techniques and marma pressures (pressure points) on the feet, lower legs, scalp, and neck using warm herbal oils.

Marma Abhyanga

In Ayurveda, marma points are considered to be your vital energy pathways located at junctures where nerves and tissues meet, each serving a particular purpose throughout the structure of the body. Throughout this revitalising full-body treatment, traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques are combined with marma point pressure using warm herbal oils.


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